• Enabling all of your modelling needs


Wellingborough Trains and Models Came about in 2014, with a view to suppling all modellers needs, not just in railway modelling but also in other areas of all modelling disciplines.

A train set or a model kit is more than just its parts. Once you develop into the hobby you will acquire building, electrical and modelling skills along the way. And yes these days even computer skills may be used within your railway layout.

We continue to provide a service to all modellers and enjoy meeting and helping people who are just starting out in the hobby. We provide support if needed and will come out and look at problems on site (within the local area).

Recently, due to demand we have also moved into pre-loved (second hand) items. Both buying and selling, we pride ourselves on not overcharging on the older models and keep our prices to the current market prices. We would be happy to quote on any older models you are thinking of selling. We also consider taking items to sell for you on a commission only basis.

We fit DDC chips to DCC ready locos in the shop if required.  However fitting a chip to an older Loco will take longer, as it is sent to our preferred experienced fitters.

We can also design your layout for you; taking in your layout size, needs and chosen era and even help suggest your scenic needs.

We also provide plastic modelling kits for the military, aircraft and vehicle modeller. We can obtain current Academy, Airfix, Emhar, Revell, Trumpeter and other makes.

Modelling materials like balsa wood, steels including brass, copper and aluminium, plastic sheets and extrusions can all be found within the shop.

We stock die cast models mainly around the HO/OO and N gauge sizes, however obtaining larger sizes to order is not a problem (if available from supplier).

Please note we buy high end items and bulk orders to order and therefore will offer a discount if paid for up front, please ask for details.

We also stock a range of tooling for the typical modeller including soldering, however try us for that tool that goes beyond the modelling genre (get us to quote for DIY building or power tools or decorating tools, even nuts and bolts; these items will be on an order only basis).

All in all it is your hobby and we say enjoy it, please come and share what you have made with us.

Our chosen charity is Action for Asperger’s based in Corby. www.actionforaspergers.org the work being done there covers a need not properly met within our heath system. Any donations would be appreciated. This can be done direct to them or via the shop.